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What does he say about how to navigate the challenges we face in life? Live, Breslov inspiration What's in it for me? Come find out! It's free. You're invited to experience the life-changing teachings of Rebbe Nachman--for women like you.

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Although less complex on the surface than some others, these lessons go to the core of our spiritual service of Hashem. Each topic offers the opportunity for reflection on a larger theme within each lesson. Four renowned speakers, Rav Moshe Weinberger, Mr. Traveling from the Holy Land to infuse our evening with simcha, world-famous Breslov band Simply Tsfat will play authentic Breslov niggunim for your enjoyment.

Emunah Based on the Teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

Am I doing the right thing? Will things turn out okay? Traditionally learned during the late spring and summer, Pirkey Avot, the Teachings of the Fathers, is a classic Talmudic text, a collection of mishnayot that offer advice from the sages on how to live our lives and deal with ordinary—and not-so-ordinary—situations. The BRI Pirkey Avot combines Breslov teachings in a thoughtfully comprehensive commentary which make this classic text come to life.

This is advice for mind, body, and soul. Topics include: What is Pirkey Avot?

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Use Your Words! Never Give Up! Each day between Purim and Pesach each person leaves one thirtieth of their personal Egypt. Meir Elkabas explains. Like this video? Please share this video! Meir Elkabas discusses this week's Torah parsha Vayikra. In this Torah portion, we learn about the importance of the minchat ani, the offering of a poor pers Follow the link to log on. Now you don't have to-- Join the sweet singer of Israel, Yosef Karduner, and Rabbi Chaim Kramer for an exclusive travel experience March 15th through 18th.

What are you waiting for? Airfare not included. They were Adel, the eldest, then Sarah, Miriam, and Chayah. Miriam moved to the Holy Land in , where she died, childless. Adel, Sarah and Chaya had children. From his second wife, whom he married after the death of his first wife, he did not have any children. Immediately after his wedding, Rabeinu moved to the town where his father-in-law lived, Ossatin, and lived there for about five years. At the end of the summer of , Rabeinu established his home in Breslov.

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  • As much as the move was a necessary flight from controversy, it was also a watershed for Breslover Chassidus. This was Reb Noson. Coming from a family of Misnagdim those who opposed Chasidism , Reb Noson was nevertheless, very impressed by the devotions of the Chasidim and made many attempts to find his niche within the relatively young movement.

    How To Learn (& Live) Breslov

    Reb Noson, together with his friend, Reb Naftali, immediately went to see Rabeinu. In , Miriam was married. Chaya would only marry after Rabeinu passed away. Throughout these years, except for a few set times when the Rebbe visited Medvedevka, Tcherin and Terhovitzia, Rabeinu remained in Breslov. In Zaslov, where the Rebbe spent the Shavuot holiday, his first wife passed away. Shortly afterwards, he fell ill with tuberculosis and which would eventually take his life three years later. In , Rabeinu made a journey to Lemberg Lvov , where he sought treatment for his illness.

    During that year, while still in Lemberg, the first volume of his major teachings, Likutey Moharan, was published. After his return from Lemberg, the Rebbe stayed in Breslov for the next two years.

    Meanwhile, the Rebbe continued to weaken as the tuberculosis slowly consumed his body. Realizing his death was near, he started preparing for the move to Uman, the place that he had chosen to die and be buried in. He also wanted his followers to have access to his grave site, something that which might not prove be possible were he to be buried in the Holy Land.

    Therefore he chose Uman, where there had been a huge massacre of some 20, Jews by Ivan Gunta and the Haidemacks in A day later, word arrived that negotiations for welcoming the Rebbe had been concluded and accommodations had been arranged. He knew he had been summoned to die. Rabeinu arrived in Uman on May 9, During his stay there the Rebbe talked much about rectifying souls, those close to him, as well as other souls.

    He passed away on the fourth day of Succot, 18 Tishrei October 16, , and was buried the following day.

    Thursday, July 30, 2009

    His Tzion, burial site has remained a shrine visited by Breslover Chasidim and thousands of others from all over the world, ever since. They come to prostrate themselves upon the tzion and to say the ten psalms that comprise the Tikun Haklalli — to merit his famous promise and guarantee, that anybody who says the Tikun Hakllali on his tzion and takes upon himself to improve his ways from now and onwards, even if his sins are many and great, he will save him and do for him an eternal favor for the World to Come.

    Although Rabeinu passed away years ago, his light his still shining bright, and his Torah brings light and happiness to thousands of people. At thirteen, he married Esther Shaindel, the daughter of the prominent Rabbi Dovid Zvi Orbach, a renowned halakhic authority in Poland and the Ukraine. He once said that when he began eating from wooden utensils, he felt no taste in the food.

    Around , with the pronounced increase in the number of those coming to Uman for Rosh HaShannah, Reb Noson initiated the construction of a large Breslov synagogue until then, they had rented a place in the city for the kibutz gathering.

    [Likute Moharan] =: Likutey Moharan by Nachman of Breslov

    After his release, Reb Noson fled from city to city in the Ukraine, only returning to Breslov in the spring of Shortly afterwards he was banished from Breslov, and was under court order to remain in the city of his birth. Though he obtained permission to travel to Uman for Rosh HaShannah and for other select occasions, he was virtually a prisoner in Nemirov.


    His confinement also put him at the mercy of his opponents, who seized every opportunity to torment him. Reb Noson had five sons and one daughter, all of whom survived him. Reb Shachneh b. Reb Noson then married Dishel, who bore him two sons, Reb Nachman b. Despite great personal suffering from both poverty and opposition, Reb Noson was singlehandedly responsible for shaping the Breslov movement into the vibrant force it is today. Reb Naftali, with whom Reb Noson had been very close ever since childhood, was then living in Uman. He was running.

    Some of his writings are:. A monumental, eight volume work of Breslov thought,it follows the order of topics in the Shulchan Aruch. With Likutey Moharan as his basis, Reb Noson focuses on the inner aspects of Halachah through an ethical eye. He highlights many of the major concepts in a compltely unique and unparalleled way, and shows their practical application and their interrelationship with all aspects of life for a Jew.

    People have been known to randomely open Likutey Halachot and find Reb Noson speaking directly to them, on the topic closest to thei hearts at that very moment. There is nothing quite like it in all our holy writings and the Likutey Halachos discourses are easy to follow, provided one has a command of Hebrew. To order click here.