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Written as a practical handbook for Muslims, it includes a zakat calculation worksheet. â–»Senturk, Omar Faruk. Charity in Islam: A Comprehensive Guide to Zakat.

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I was a flight attendant my whole career, 36 years.

I was never sad at the thought of turning 30 or I was having too much fun. At 39, I moved to New York from Chicago to leave a bad marriage.

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And then I was a bachelorette in New York City. It was a fun time. When I was traveling around the world last year, I came back to find my husband had a heart problem. I was shocked. I see him being ill, and I see other people getting really sick. Aside from making sure I have long-term-care insurance and all that, I try to stay present. I think about my scheduling. About how many ballets can I go to in June. I take very good care of myself.

I exercise, I do my yoga, I eat well, I take a lot of supplements. When I talk to young people, I learn things from them. Young people have so much life, you know? It was the perfect decision for me, and most people I know that made the same one are still happy about it. It helps that we live in New York.

New York breathes all this excitement. In mind, I mean. Hang out with the young people, hang out with new people! I see some people hanging around the same couples for years.

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I mean, what are you going to talk about? Anything interesting? And stop worrying so much. I have some young friends that work hour days. Working too much is really the wrong way to do it.


What is success? Financial success? You gotta have a little life, a little fun. Find your soul.

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I used to be a model. I modeled for a very long time. I loved working with [the other models]. We all had Sassoon haircuts and we all smoked brown Sherman cigarettellos. And the "Yorkshire terrier ponytail" is the hairstyle celebs including Lauren Goodger, Mrs Hinch and Olivia Attwood are barking mad for.


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Byrdie Editors Discuss Their Biggest Thoughts When It Comes to Aging

We began to deal with our internalized sexism, embrace our identities as women, foster a women-centered view of the world, and begin to trust our voices and authentic experiences about our bodies, ourselves, and our lives. We believed that everyone would benefit if we eliminated sexism and embraced feminism and the full economic, social, and political equality of women and men. The personal is political. Over the years, I have grown up with the Our Bodies, Ourselves book.

Initially, I was interested in female identity and in claiming a non-sexist, women-centered view of the world.

When I chose to become pregnant, my focus shifted to affirming parenthood if chosen in the context of reproductive justice for all, raising the next generation, and the importance of society supporting caregiving, childcare, and work-family balance. The OBOS project led and inspired me at age 42 to become a geriatric social worker. I have always felt. But it inspired activism and has gotten us back to our roots. Diverse women of all ages are stepping up to the plate: we will find ways to work together, young and old, to build on the past and nurture female friendship across generations to defend and protect the advances made, oppose reversals, and end ageism.

I fully embrace my sense of self as an aging woman and an aging activist. I want to pass on my legacy to a younger generation and continue cross-generational conversations as we do on this annual panel event at Aging in America. I want to have a sense of agency as I age, to age well with passion and purpose until my last breath, and to work together to mobilize an inclusive, pro-aging social movement to end sexism and ageism.

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I was a mother raising one girl and two boys in the s and s, a time when very few women had emerged from the home-centered role. In the mids, when my career in public radio started, I was working with a majority of males. I struggled at Minnesota Public Radio and National Public Radio to establish myself, and the validity of women, in the world of journalism. In those days, broadcasting was a male-dominated workforce and society thought women belonged at home. I had to find less aggressive ways of presenting any ideas for change, and learned to become very subtle.

A New Take on Women and Aging

If I had an idea, I avoided conflict and rejection by suggesting that a male had inspired it. It was more important to me that the idea be implemented than to fight for credit. In the s, American culture was focused on finding ways to avoid and deny discussing aging. Hey, we loved turning 21; it opened new worlds.

What if we looked at midlife and years beyond as a quest, not a crisis? I began to interview others to find out how they remained active and involved as they aged. I quickly learned that the power of personal stories offers a perspective that facts cannot, yet also offers a source of comfort and inspiration.