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Written as a practical handbook for Muslims, it includes a zakat calculation worksheet. ▻Senturk, Omar Faruk. Charity in Islam: A Comprehensive Guide to Zakat.

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And who was responsible? Renowned American history professor Allen Guelzo has the surprising answers in this eye-opening video.

This video was made in partnership with the American Battlefield Trust. Learn more about the Reconstruction at Battlefields. And a new conflict immediately began.

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The North won the first war. The South won the second. To truly understand American history, one needs to understand how this happened, and why. It began with the assassination of Republican president Abraham Lincoln. One week after the Civil War effectively ended, the one man with the political savvy and shrewdness to have guided Reconstruction was gone.

Johnson was the rare Southern politician who stayed loyal to the Union during the Civil War. Lincoln added him to his reelection ticket in as a gesture of wartime bi-partisanship. But Johnson was wholly unprepared for the task. Under his Reconstruction plan, the defeated rebels would be allowed to return to power, almost as if they had never left. The only requirement to rejoin the Union was that they agree to ratify the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery. This was fine with the old Southern Democratic ruling class. By agreeing to abolish slavery, they would actually increase their political power.

This would ensure the return to Congress of Southern Democrats, and in even greater numbers than before the rebellion, allowing them—with the help of their Democratic Party allies in the North—to fight Republican efforts to secure the citizenship rights of the former slaves. The Republicans in Congress created their own Congressional Reconstruction plan.

Still in the overall majority there, they reorganized ten of the Southern states into military occupation zones, requiring them to write new state constitutions that recognized black civil rights before they could be readmitted to the Union.

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Over fierce Democratic opposition, the Republicans also managed to pass two new amendments to the Constitution—the 14th and 15th Amendments—guaranteeing due process in law and voting rights in elections. Those rights enabled the former slaves to help elect new state governments, to hold office, and even to send the first black representatives and senators to Congress—all Republicans. Most important, in , with the help of , votes from newly-enfranchised blacks, a new Republican president, Ulysses S. Grant, took office.

Grant was solidly behind the Congressional Reconstruction plan. But a new problem arose: Disgruntled Southern whites organized themselves into ad hoc militias to terrorize Southern blacks and their white Republican supporters into silence. The largest and most famous of these militias went by a still-familiar name: the Ku Klux Klan. Segregated graduations? Here are the top 5 most insane instances of indoctrination at colleges today, presented by Isabel Brown!

The truth is the truth. Don't qualify it. Can something be true for you and not true for me? Is the truth relative or is the truth fixed? How you answer this question shapes the way you look at the world. Renowned philosophy professor Paul Copan provides an excellent road map through this tricky and vitally important issue. YouTube PragerU Free speech is in jeopardy. PragerU is fighting back with a lawsuit against YouTube and its parent company, Google. The real winner or loser will be the American public.

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Be the jury. All our freedoms—the very concept of freedom—springs from this right. Okay, so how did we get into this situation? A little background. PragerU is what is called a c 3 —a non-profit educational media company. In , viewers began to notice that certain PragerU videos were no longer available. YouTube deemed each one unsuitable for young people, treating these videos the same as they would, say, for ones containing pornography or excessive violence. And that, ultimately, turns out to be the issue.

We tried to reach an accommodation. YouTube was infringing on our right to free speech. We filed in federal court in late , and thereafter in California state court.

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Wait a second, you might say—YouTube, which is owned by Google, is a private company. The answer is: Yes…and no. Yes, if they are a publisher. No, if they are a public forum. This gets right to the nub of the matter. Join the team! How to Spot Logical Fallacies in Debate. Evolution and Logical Fallacies - Dr. Lisle gives viewers a fast-paced course on logic. In addition to reviewing numerous "logical fallacies," Dr. Lisle gives examples of how evolutionists and creationists often use fallacious arguments in arguing for their position.

Learning to recognize these fallacies provides a whole new opportunity for defending the faith and contending for the truth of creation.

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For millions of Americans, they are essential to surviving and fighting cancer, chronic diseases, and traumatic injuries. About 2 million units of platelets are transfused each year in the U. Every 15 seconds someone in the U. You can help by donating platelets through the American Red Cross. The Great Dr.

Berlinski, Meyer and Gelernter. In one Interview! Has Darwinism really failed?

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Beauty is our guide to the intellectual universe—walking beside us through the uncharted wilderness, pointing us in the right direction, keeping us on track—most of the time. Yet there are many reasons to doubt whether Darwin can answer the hard questions and explain the big picture—not the fine-tuning of existing species but the emergence of new ones. Meyer explains Darwinism as a comprehensive synthesis, which gained popularity for its appeal.

Meyer replies that even population genetics, the mathematical branch of Darwinian theory, has not been able to support the explosion of fossil records during the Cambrian period, biologically or geologically.

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Berlinski does not second this and states that the cell represents very complex machinery, with complexities increasing over time, which is difficult to explain by a theory. Gelernter throws light on this by giving an example of a necklace on which the positioning of different beads can lead to different permutations and combinations; it is really tough to choose the best possible combination, more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.