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Written as a practical handbook for Muslims, it includes a zakat calculation worksheet. ▻Senturk, Omar Faruk. Charity in Islam: A Comprehensive Guide to Zakat.

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Deborah Madison will make you feel passionate about composing a vegetarian menu of frittatas, edible flowers, and salads for all seasons. Husband and wife bloggers Alex and Sonja Overhiser have come a long way in the kitchen over the last several years.

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Going from hot pockets and cereal for dinner to nourishing rice bowls and homemade sweet potato and smoked garlic pizza, the duo have been cooking their way to satisfying meals. Incorporating life lessons into their recipes, the Overhisers will get you excited about any meal you're looking to embrace, no matter how quick or complex. Vegetable whisperer, farmer, and chef, Joshua McFadden will woo you with all parts of the vegetable and help you focus on seasonal and local consumption.

Cucumbers at midsummer, radishes in spring—the approach is almost like poetry. Epi's senior food editor Anna Stockwell finds his combinations of raw vegetables and dried fruit completely revelatory. Inspired by the bounty of California produce, Fox has a way of transforming an entire vegetable into an incredible meal. The fennel confit and melon curry will make you rethink your approach to plant-based eating.

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Read more. Nathaniel Bacon did not paint professionally, although he was a skilled amateur artist. The subject matter of this picture, a cookmaid surrounded with lavish produce, is more usually associated with Dutch and Flemish art. It is highly unusual in England for the period and associated only with Bacon, who may have been influenced by pictures of this type during his travels in the Low Countries.

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Every item depicted is known to have been growing in England. Bacon himself was a keen gardener and grew melons successfully on his Suffolk estate. The support is a very fine, plain-woven, linen canvas. When acquired by the Tate in , it had a lining and stretcher which appear to date from the late eighteenth or early nineteenth centuries. The lining-glue is unusual, being composed of red lead with chalk in an oil medium.

The ground is pale grey with a smooth surface.

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It extends over onto the tacking edges, though not across the whole width. Here and there in the composition, the face for example, it has been left visible as a tonal element. The paint is almost certainly solid oil throughout and is generally opaque, dense and thin.

It is evenly applied with little evidence of brushwork, except in the purple cabbage leaves where the thin, largely monochrome paint has been worked to resemble the veining. On the whole each element in the composition is described in one layer of paint, exceptions being the detailing and the warm, glazed shadows on the foreground gourds and marrows. One of the features that is consistent with three, well documented paintings by Bacon in a private collection is the superimposition of small things over large, for example the reddish brown root vegetables which are clearly painted on top of the background wall and landscape.

Generally the painting is in very good condition and is currently undergoing cleaning and relining. Rica Jones December, Cookmaid with Still Life of Vegetables and Fruit c.

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Ownership history References Tate Report —96 , , p. I, no. Sir Nathaniel Bacon, born at Redgrave in Suffolk in August , was a kinsman of the natural philosopher and politician — and horticultural enthusiast — Sir Francis Bacon, and was the youngest of the nine sons of Sir Nicholas Bacon of Redgrave, the premier baronet of England.

He himself was awarded the Order of the Bath in , but was only to enjoy his title for a little over a year. Only a handful of paintings by him are currently known. Nathaniel Bacon seems to have spent most of his life in Suffolk.

He grew up at Redgrave Hall now demolished and, on his marriage in , acquired nearby Culford Hall from his parents, four miles north of Bury St Edmunds, and Brome Hall through his wife. In Britain at this period, where almost all painters were artisans — and were certainly viewed as such — Bacon was an exception.

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As a gentleman, Bacon did not need to paint for his living, but nevertheless it is clear that his art was of considerable personal significance to him. The main source of such personal information about Bacon as survives is a group of letters still in the possession of his descendants. You have seen enough. The Cornwallis letters indicate that Bacon travelled a good deal to the Low Countries, 13 and to judge from his artistic style and technique, it is extremely likely that he received some form of training there.

The Antwerp artist Frans Snijders — was a major exponent of the genre, and it is worth noting that Bacon was on his way to that city in It has recently been suggested by Margaret Sullivan that Aertsen devised his cookmaid and market scenes to please an increasingly highly educated section of Netherlandish society, who were purchasing books written in Latin in ever-growing numbers.

Sullivan observes first, that Pliny the Elder legitimated low-life painting in his Natural History, and second, that in the writings of such satirists as Juvenal, Horace, Martial and Persius, fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, the kitchen and the market place were loaded with moral connotations.

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Indeed, Aertsen and his followers selected exactly the produce that was given a prominent and moralising role in ancient literature, such as the large and luxuriant cabbage. I liked some ratatouille more than others, so I vowed to come up with my own favorite ratatouille recipe when I came home.

Today is the day! In Provence, ratatouille is typically cooked on the stove. In the end, all of the ingredients are combined and simmered to meld the flavors. The French know how to cook, and this concept is definitely one to follow. Ratatouille combines a large volume of late-summer vegetables that have different cook times.

If you tried to throw them all into a pot at once, none of the veggies would have a chance to caramelize, the eggplant would fall apart by the time the zucchini is tender, and your ratatouille would probably never meet its full potential. This recipe is a little different. This method yields amazing ratatouille.

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September 14, 45 Comments. I love pimento cheese. There, I said it. Pimento cheese is a classic Southern cheddar cheese and pimento pepper dip. If you appreciate cheddar cheese, pimento cheese is going to be your new favorite party dip and sandwich spread. My grandmother, Mimi, made pimento cheese when I was little. I was a picky eater back then, but at least I had the good sense to appreciate her pimento cheese.