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It was a plotless mess that I don't quite understand why this book won an award. It doesn't have that quality that wowed me or made me think. It was quite cheesy and bland.

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The characters didn't have many layers, and the similes and writing were extremely juvenile and messy. Definitely wouldn't recommend this one, which is a shame. I am very sad that the highest I can this book is one star, and that's for it being diverse.

Jan 21, Drew Baldwin rated it it was amazing. This book is a great book. It about the this boy who wants to be more then his father and brothers. His father is a drunk and gambles all there money away his brother can't keep a job. His mom is the strongest person in this book she keeps the family together and keep the house clean.

Parrot in the Oven: Mi vida

The part I hated the most about this book was when he watch his father try to kill his mother. I strongly recommend this book to any one that like book about a kid and his dreams. Oct 22, Bianca Ramirez rated it really liked it. This book was kind of intersting. It as abaut Manny's the main character life. He wanted to be someone in life. His dad always told him that he was worth a penny. He wanted to prove his dad wrong. His dad had lost his job and he drank alot. Manny was from a mexican family and I am too.

This book had things that I did not expected. The reading wasn't so hard you shoul check it out. Dec 02, Joceline rated it liked it. I liked this book because it was interesting. I like it because it talks about a boy who has choices to make in his life by being a follower in which is by getting jumped in, in a gang or by not being a follower just him. View all 4 comments. Sep 22, Karen Betancourt rated it liked it. I think that people who like to read about people with Hispanic heritage and like reading about people going through tough times.

Jan 16, Ana Martin rated it liked it. He is not an immigrant, but his parent are. The best school was were all of the rich kids went. Manny lets one of his teachers Mr. Hart tells Manny that if he does move to one of the other schools he will need money because he will have to buy his supplies. Hart takes Manny home and intentionally passes through the school which is located with rich people live and he does this so that Manny can see what it will be like because Manny comes from a poor family and Mr.

Hart does not want him to struggle. Manny is not accepted to the school, so he has to stay in the school that he was already in. His mom is the one responsible in the house. Somebody called the police and since Manny and his family were undocumented immigrants they ran to their house and decided to hide. The cops did see the gun and took him to jail for a while. Magda was the person who helped her mom with the money by working doing laundry, and one day she wanted to go out with her boyfriend and asked Manny to take care of their sister Pedi.

His dad hears noise and goes to check and realizes that Mada had a miscarriage but he takes care of her. Manny's dad and his brother get a job, Manny helps nardo out. Manny joins a gang. He gets beaten up to join the gang. He follows Eddie in on adventure in which Eddie decided to robs a lady getting into a car but Manny does not follow him.

He goes back to his house after all of that and realizes that who he wants be is his family not that gang he was with. I did like the story because it shows how his family changes for the good even though most of them were in the wrong path and it also shows how they struggle because they don't have enough money and in the story they show how it is hard to be an immigrant and so many things they have to face with society.

Jan 16, Cozbi rated it it was amazing. This novel is really interesting because it tells multiple stories in the novel, each chapter is like a new story. It really makes you think about your family and how strong the connection in a family can be after overcoming some rough patches in the family. The main character Manny is always trying to keep his family together. His dad is a person who is constantly drunk. In the first four chapters, he is introducing his family. There have been so many things that have happened so far like Manny This novel is really interesting because it tells multiple stories in the novel, each chapter is like a new story.

There have been so many things that have happened so far like Manny transferring schools because his mom believes that education matters. Another thing that happened is that one of his teachers gave him twenty dollars for school supplies but his dad takes it as drinking money. On the other hand, his father believes that it is not important. The reason why I say he is keeping his family together is that his dad in the last chapter I read was about to shoot the mom because he was drunk and he is overwhelmed. He grabbed the gun because he saw a half opened flyer on the table and he thought it meant that his wife was going to leave him and that was the last straw.

Manny is trying to convince his dad that it is not the right thing to do because it will land him in jail. So far in the novel, every chapter has been like a mini story. For example, where I first left off it was talking about how the dad got his rifle to shoot the mother.

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When I continued to read he had gotten so close to shooting her but Manny warned her and made her run but the dad found out and ran after her on the street. The neighbors called the cops and they went back inside and pretended nothing had happened but that did not fool the cops. The dad was very attached to his rifle and did not want it taken away but the cops wanted to take it because it was owned illegally and when they took it he was arrested. He was allowed out but paying a bail. He promised his wife he would find a job instead of just looking for one and he promised. The chapter Family Affair and in this chapter Magda lost her baby.

She started to feel sick and her mom had an instinct that it was that. They drove to the hospital and did not want to tell the dad as he would get upset. When they arrive at the hospital there is a waiting period because there were people ahead of them. Then Magda has to go to the bathroom and she fainted and after that, they found out that she was having a miscarriage. They went home and she had a higher fever and they were debating on taking her to the hospital again but the dad sees that she is sick and dunks her in the bathtub. Towards the end of the book, Manuel joins a gang.

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He is trying to hide this from his family. His family never finds out he was in a gang. But while he was in a gang he had joined because it meant kissing a girl and beating people up. But once he saw a fellow gang member Eddie rob a lady and steal her purse he decided he did not want any part in gangs after that. He sits down and watches his sisters peacefully sleep. When he does this he is analyzing his life and what he appreciates having. Jan 17, Marialina rated it really liked it. In the Book, Parrot in the oven the main character Manny is a young boy who is raised by an alcoholic father and his mother.

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His father had lost his job so did his older brother. So far I like how the main character, Manny is hardworking knowing his family struggles and at least tries to help out even if the money he earns is not a lot. After Manny stopped working with his uncle, he and his older brother b In the Book, Parrot in the oven the main character Manny is a young boy who is raised by an alcoholic father and his mother.

After Manny stopped working with his uncle, he and his older brother both worked in a job, picking up chili peppers outside in the heat. After a couple of days, Manny decided that he wanted to transfer school and hoping it was a better environment and with the support of his mother he did.