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Saintcrow does provide driblets of backstory, but not nearly enough to bring back memories of what occurred. I felt lost throughout most of this. Over and over again. Although, I do like this one bit of insight from Dante:. She knows her past history. Lucifer threw Dante out of Hell when he was done torturing her. Now Japh has plans for her. Plans that depend on Dante escaping the bounty hunters, mercenaries, and demons hunting her down.

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Eve also calls her the Key to the throne of Hell. Fudoshin is the name of her katana. Eve , a. Vardimal Santino created Eve using demon genes. Velokel the Hunter is a demon working with Eve. He died and has come back with his full demon Power. Sephrimel was the third Fallen, and his beloved hedaira , Inhana , was assassinated by Japh.

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A previously published author, she has written a paranormal romance, Dark Watcher. She currently lives in Vancouver, WA with two small children and a houseful of cats. And a husband too.

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Average customer rating 5 1 comments. I just couldn't put this book down! This is a great read to change a mood in a hurry. Loved it! COM Terms Gabe needs her help Japh is not happy about giving up the demon hunt to help Gabe but agrees to do so. Dante begs Japh not to hunt down Eve while she is working on Gabe's case.

As usual all hell literally breaks loose. This book gave us back our tough, decisive, independent Danny from the first book. She spends much of her time independent of Japh and finally begins to learn something about her demon nature. I thought it was awesome that she gained power because of Japh gaining power.

I really like Lucas as a character.

Japh's underlings are all very interesting too. A lot happens in this book and it was fun to read. Although, once again, this book leaves you right in the middle of things.

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It must have been torture for everyone to wait for the last book to be released. Luckily I already have it on hand and have started reading it.

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This book seems to be even darker than the previous ones; but still a fast and fun read. I am looking forward to seeing how all of this gets wrapped up! Dante must revenge their deaths while trying to keep herself alive. Eve finds her and again asks for her help. Review: Dante is still not thinking things through and this is getting tedious. Some of the story line seems a bit confused with the same information presented in multiple places, as though the reader were seeing it for the first time.

There is a lot going on in this book. I am not happy with Dante and Japh's relationship and how Dante beats herself up for every little thing. She must learn that she cannot protect everyone and that does not make her a bad person. I do see why she does not trust Japh. He seems very upset at her distrust, but he does nothing to make her trust him and everything to make her keep distrusting him.

I cannot wait to get to the last book in the series. I hope it will have a good ending that will explain why Japh acts the way he does. I also hope that Dante will finally get the peace she has been looking for in the entire series.

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