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Mutt; Jeff; Mr. Bungle; Mrs. Page Cover credits from "Action!

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Rich then states that O'Mealia photostatted and cut out the Shuster work from the first panel from Action 10 for the cover and drew the ornate detailing surrounding it. Sullivan did not seem to recall the events of the cover. Logo design credit from Todd Klein via his Facebook page, used with permission. Superman has a yellow "S" on blue triangle on his cape. Art credits verified by Fred Ray. The cover consists of four panels taken from previous stories featuring the heroes: The Spectre panel was taken from the Spectre story in All-Star 1, The Flash panel was taken from Flash Comics 1, The Sandman panel was taken from Adventure Comics 51, and the Ultra-Man panel was taken from the cover of All-American Comics The Archives volume also lists Gill Fox assisting on the art chores on this cover.

Cover colorist credit from the reprint in the collected edition. Logo design credit from Todd Klein. The newspaper page behind Vigilante contains stories with Marv Wolfman, George Perez and Keith Pollard listed as the authors among others. Great American Comic Books. Publications International, Ltd. Published in English United States.

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  8. Color color cover; color interior Dimensions 10" x View: Large Edit cover. Pages 7 - Inks Harold Gray? First Line of Dialogue or Text Da teacher tol' me ter give ya dis - Dat homework wotcha done fer me wus all wrong!! Pages 27 - First Line of Dialogue or Text I resolve not to lose my temper during !

    Letters typeset Characters Mr. Genre humor Synopsis Boy chasing butterfly. Everything is Brand New. Pages 43 - Dirk the Demon on cover but not present inside Amazing Mystery Funnies 3. Training and development of technical staff in the textile industry.

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    Crumbling FoundationsDavid Smiley. Going Back to Cali. The tradition of Anubis. A century sermon, delivered in Hopkinton, Mass. Spider 41 February The Spider.

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    The Revelation of the Genius. Crank Tech One: Destruction. The Unreasoning Earth.

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    The Story of a Tinder-box. I, Columbus: My Journal, — The Rainbow. Siddhis Acquisition Series: Book 3: Clairvoyance. Dragon Defenders. Page, Richard Wentworth was a nemesis of the night, a swift and secret avenger who meted out lethal justice to those of the underworld who dared to raise their hand against humanity; he was the man known throughout half the civilized world as the Spider, and tonight he wore the disguise that would instantly identify him as that dread killer.

    A long, black cape covered twisted shoulders. A broad-brimmed hat tightly pulled down over a lank wig shadowed a beak-nosed face. The eyes that glittered there were steely with bitter hatred. He was, he told himself, no longer a human being, but a cause. He was the Spider!