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This academic book is a valuable resource for students, midwives and those with an interest birth and research. It was a fascinating and informative book to review and is written in such a manner that it is easy to locate further literature relating to the topic being discussed. The book contains a collection of essays from the Cambridge Socio-Legal Group and is concerned with the varying circumstances, manner timing and experiences of birth.

The essays come from a wide range of subjects including law, medicine, anthropology, history and sociology and examine birth from the perspective of mother, father, doctor and midwife. The book contains four parts, experiences and rites of birth, status and consequences of birth, after birth and timing of birth.

I very much enjoyed looking at the historical side of things and seeing how maternity care has changed over the decades. Each chapter is written by different authors from different fields. I did find a few chapters difficult to follow, however, for the most part I was captivated, and the scholarly thought behind each topic has given me many ideas for my final disser tation.

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I would highly recommend the book for students, and for those looking at research. Although this book is undeniably aimed at academics, I believe that anyone with an interest in birth will find it informative, educational and empowering in places and upsetting in others. The changing face of midwifery is demonstrated throughout and it contains important lessons with regards to this.

Ruth Weston is a water mother of four of her five children and the owner of Aquabirths birthing pool manufacturers for maternity units, and birth pool hire for parents. She is a birth activist and member of AIMS.


I have attended several of Dianne's waterbirth workshops and study days and found them excellent, informative and entertaining. I would recommend her study days to all. I was therefore interested to read her book in the light of this and my experience of listening to the work of independent midwives specialising in waterbirth over the last 10 years.

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Notwithstanding a professional interest in the subject! The book is a more in-depth, carefully worded, fully referenced version of her study day, without the entertaining anecdotes, waterbirth DVDs and activities. I think it makes an excellent baseline textbook for waterbirth, particularly in the UK health service but with relevance elsewhere. Dianne's book is clearly written for the UK NHS and is immersed in its culture, its documents and guidelines.

She provides all the quotations and references to all the documents anyone would want in persuading their sceptical unit to offer waterbirth. She provides outlines for audits and guidelines and provides detail on research across the world, pointing out some of its strengths and weaknesses.


A lot of time is spent on dealing with the issues that arise in the UK in regard to waterbirth - the third stage in water, the potential or lack of it for water aspiration, infection control, record keeping and so on. This is very much a handbook for NHS midwives and so, whilst challenging some attitudes and practices and encouraging her readers to do the same, she writes reservedly and cautiously in contrast to other well-known waterbirth exponents.

Never theless, there is a midwife's commitment underlying this book to provide with-woman care, to provide quality compassionate midwifery, advocating the masterly inactivity and protection of the birthing space. I think my key concerns are where she goes along with the NHS risk-averse culture too much. On page 34 she gives an example of a care pathway for a VBAC woman.

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Here she is rightly advocating for women and demonstrating how, instead of just saying 'No, you can't' to a VBAC woman's request for a waterbirth, a fully risk assessed care pathway can be set up so that a woman may have the waterbirth she chooses. Such a guideline is provided as an example. The guideline, however, is very conservative in the light of much practice: including fourhourly CTG, scans and VEs and a dr y land birth rather than birth in water - although allowing women to refuse to leave and so have a waterbirth.

There are these instances, then, where I can see how she is demonstrating how a sceptical medical culture can be overcome to give women choice but by the same token it may be useful to provide another example of a far more progressive and positive guideline for the same.

This is not a book for women wanting a waterbirth unless they like reading textbooks, but I think it is a very useful book for midwives, Maternity service Liaison Committee MSLC representatives and other birth workers: it provides all the information you need to argue your case or provide useful backup or information for your practice. However, I would advocate a visit to Dianne's study day where, with the freedom of the spoken word, she is able to give some excellent tips on how cultures and guidelines can be and have been challenged, and provide examples of different practice worldwide which challenge our norms.

Vadeboncoeur's book covers not only all things VBAC vaginal birth after caesarean related, but also all things caesarean related.

It also touches on postnatal depression, breastfeeding, and bonding and has something to say about most of the birth world 'gurus'. This book holds a lot of very useful information about VBACs and their surrounding issues. I would imagine I am this book's target audience; I am interested in all things VBAC and am always on the lookout for new material.

I love to read and will happily devour most things.

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Sadly, reading this book became a bit of a chore. I think the main problem is that this book cares too much.

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The Trust cannot verify its accuracy and you should not rely on the information translated. Women's Services. Sally's Home Birth Experience Sally had straightforward births in hospital for her 1st and 2nd pregnancies and then a water birth at home for her 3rd pregnancy.

At what point of your pregnancy did you decide to have a home birth? Was your family supportive? You had a home birth on both your 1st and 3rd pregnancies, at what point of your 1st pregnancy did you decide to have a home birth? Was your family supportive of you having your 1st baby at home? Would you have another baby at home?