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Written as a practical handbook for Muslims, it includes a zakat calculation worksheet. ▻Senturk, Omar Faruk. Charity in Islam: A Comprehensive Guide to Zakat.

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It is, simply, what we were made for. In fact, in many congregations, when an engagement or wedding is announced, there is often greater enthusiasm than when God is worshipped. In contrast, when someone commits themselves to celibacy, there is no celebration. The person is regarded as an abnormality.

It is about the redirected affections of a transformed heart. I would never trade the depth of intimacy and freedom I have experienced in celibacy for a gay relationship, and long for the day that the Church celebrates what I have been given. The s reacted to this idolatry by throwing off the repression of desire and pursuing free sexuality. It brought its own set of idolatries.

How To Hear God Coaching Program - You CAN Hear God's Voice Every Day

Are we willing to reach out to them and enter their world to share and connect with them? Of course they can be saved! The real question is, will gay or same-sex attracted believers live the way the world encourages them to? Lynne Baab has always been one of my favorite theology and spirituality teachers, but now she is also a favorite short-storyteller.

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Who to be. How to interact with others. Where to invest time and talent. In these captivating short stories Lynne Baab, a seasoned writer on topics of Christian spirituality, introduces us to people who are growing. Their discernment is aided by friendships of various kinds — with God, with husbands, children, parents, and friends.

Each of us was created by a loving God for supportive relationships and creative work. Lynne M.

The Flipside of Godspeak: Theism as Constructed Reality

Baab, Ph. She has written numerous books and Bible study guides. Lynne lives in Seattle, and you can contact her at LMBaab [at] aol [dot] com.


The talk is relevant to anyone in ministry and focuses on how to draw near to God simply as a child of God as well as engaging in spiritual practices for the sake of ministry. How much she grew as a person, even in this life-altering scenario. How is that possible?

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Sometimes I look at people who have really experienced the worst and weigh myself in comparison. If I was in their situation, would I be able to see the good? Would I let go and trust? Would I push through, believing that life was still worth living?

6 Must-Read Stories of Self-Discovery

Sometimes I get questions that overwhelm me, people that are struggling wanting some sort of affirmation, some sense of healing. And wow, how painful that is. But how strangely liberating, too. To know that others feel the weight. Because tomorrow is coming. Sometimes when I think about pain, I think about plants.

And honestly, how much do we have to learn from plants?