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By Ariana Harwicz. Available October 15 from Charco Press. By Gabriela Ybarra. Translated from the Spanish by Natasha Wimmer. Available May 28 from Transit Books. A journalist survivor of the attack on satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo rebuilds his life, turning to the work of famous authors for guidance. Translated from the French by Steven Rendall. Available November 12 from Europa.


An African-American singer-composer, poet and novelist is at the center of this novel that moves from Paris to New York and Tennessee, exploring religion, addiction and segregation. By Abdourahman A. Translated from the French by David and Nicole Ball. Translated from the Croatian by Celia Hawkesworth and S. Available September 24 from New Directions. A 4-year-old boy, haunted by nightmares of being handed over to a stranger, begins claiming his mother is not his real mother. By Michel Bussi. Available April 2 from Europa. A young woman leaves her home on an island off the coast of Kenya for the Far East where she discovers friends, enemies and love.

By Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor. Available March 12 from Knopf. The second volume of a trilogy in which an insomniac encounters a foundation dedicated to preserving dreams. Translated from the Spanish by Will Vanderhyden. Available November 12 from Open Letter.

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Translated from the Irish by Alan Titley. Available September 24 from Yale University Press. Translated from the French by Robin Mackay. A young Dutch girl is sent to a bitter aristocrat to train as a fencer, only to fall in love with him. By Marente de Moor.

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Translated from the Dutch by David Doherty. Available August 6 from World Editions. A fable of environmentalist ideals pitted against the realities of local politics and global consumer culture. By Moacyr Scliar. Translated from the Portuguese by Malcolm K. Available August 8 from University of Massachusetts Press. By Dasa Drndic. Translated from the Croatian by Celia Hawkesworth. The story of eight victims of the Maoist dictatorship, documented through transcripts of interrogations and trials that reveal corruption and illicit activity.

By Yang Kuisong. Available December 17 from University of California Press. By Tiziana de Rogatis. Translated from the Italian by Will Schutt. Available December 3 from Europa. A writer obsessively works on improving his own handwriting in search of ways to understand and improve himself. By Mario Levrero. Translated from the Spanish by Annie McDermott. Available May 21 from Coffee House Press. After the sudden death of their parents, three siblings struggle to recover the family they once were.

By Benedict Wells. Translated from the German by Charlotte Collins. An allegorical noir history of the relationship between Mexico and the United States. By David Toscana.

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Translated from the Spanish by David William Foster. An art teacher visits the exhibit of a celebrated former student, posing for the student in the nude and leading the two to reflect on their lives. By Jean-Philippe Blondel. Available June 4 from New Vessel Press. For three workers, life in the factory begins to subsume all else in surreal and absurd ways. By Hiroko Oyamada. Translated from the Japanese by David Boyd. Available October 29 from New Directions. By Patrick Modiano. Translated from the French by Mark Polizzotti.

The daughter of the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan grapples with their relationship. By Sibylle Lacan. Translated from the French by Adrian Nathan West. An argument that the world today is a battlefield under the sway of a global governance that has replaced the rule of law, utilizing surveillance and control instead. Translated from the Spanish by Joshua Neuhouser. The first of a dystopian trilogy set in Cape Town in , imagining a post-apocalyptic world through the eyes of a year-old. By Helen Brain.

Available November 5 from Catalyst Press.

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Translated from the French by Nikki Kopelman. Morality and comradeship are called into question when a platoon is dropped into the chaos of the war in Afghanistan.

By Carsten Jensen. Translated from the Danish by Mark Mussari.

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Available September 1 from Amazon Crossing. A woman in her early 70s becomes fascinated with a young playwright, seeking a bond with her and surfacing troubling memories. Translated from the Icelandic by Larissa Kyzer. Available September 23 from Amazon Crossing. Ten stories exploring how ordinary people have been left behind in an increasingly urbanized and fragmented world. By Ha Seong-nan.

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Translated from the Korean by Janet Hong. Available April 23 from Open Letter Books.

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By Anne Serre. Translated from the French by Mark Hutchinson. By Christine Wunnicke. A young philosopher places life with and without Internet in historical and cultural contexts, laying out scenarios in which the self interacts with memory. Translated from the French by Peter Behrman de Sinety.