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Written as a practical handbook for Muslims, it includes a zakat calculation worksheet. â–»Senturk, Omar Faruk. Charity in Islam: A Comprehensive Guide to Zakat.

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The price of ethanol fuel fluctuates but is usually similar to the price of gasoline.

Energy Security

Check out the incentives search to find incentives in your region. The number of E85 stations continues to grow.

Title 49: Transportation

Check out this web site to find one near you:. Flex fuel vehicles are similar to their conventional gasoline counterparts in power, acceleration, payload, and cruise speed.

Propane Benefits and Considerations

The only noticeable difference is that fuel economy is lower when FFVs run on ethanol. Many drivers aren't even aware their vehicle is a FFV.

The Truth about Hydrogen

Smog forming emissions from Efueled FFVs are similar to those from gasoline-powered vehicles. However, since ethanol can be produced domestically it does reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Also, depending on how the ethanol is made, it can have fewer greenhouse gas emissions when you take into account the upstream emissions - emissions associated with production and transporting the fuel.

To compare the environmental benefits between cars you are shopping for, remember to look for high Greenhouse Gas and Smog Ratings on the federal Fuel Economy and Environment Label. Slide arrows to view vehicles by rating.

Rating of seven or higher are the cleanest. View our resource center for plug-in electric vehicles PEVs. We'll help you compare your options and take the next steps into PEV ownership.

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Skip to content Skip to navigation. California Drivers Media Fleets Dealers. How It Works Ethanol is an alcohol made primarily from corn. Also known as liquefied petroleum gas LPG , propane is a domestically produced, well-established fuel. Using propane as a vehicle fuel increases energy security, can provide the convenience of onsite refueling economically, and reduces air pollution and the environmental impacts of vehicles.

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Because transportation accounts for nearly three-fourths of total U. This not only supports the U. All of this adds to our nation's energy security. The vast majority of propane consumed in the United States is produced here and distributed via an established infrastructure.

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Therefore, fueling vehicles with propane is one way to diversify U. A variety of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty propane vehicle models are available through original equipment manufacturers OEMs and select dealerships. Also available for light- and medium-duty vehicles are engines that are designed as prep ready, meaning they are designed to handle the higher temperature and lower lubricity found when operating on propane.

While propane vehicles can cost several thousand dollars more than comparable gasoline vehicles, the cost of the fuel itself is typically lower than that of gasoline, so the return on investment can be quick. In comparison to diesel vehicles such as school buses , however, propane models can cost on par with their diesel counterparts because of the diesel vehicle's more expensive engine and emissions controls.

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Fleets and consumers also have the option of economically, safely, and reliably converting in-use light-, medium-, and heavy-duty gasoline vehicles for propane operation using qualified system retrofitters. It's critical that all vehicle and engine conversions meet the emissions and safety regulations and standards instituted by the U. Learn about propane vehicle conversions. Propane stations are categorized as either primary or secondary.

Primary stations have dedicated vehicle services and tend to be less expensive than secondary stations, which mostly serve the propane tank and bottle market.